Online Courses

Online Courses

Introducing Online Courses

With so many requests for additional training, we have designed a resource to help equip those in youth, family and intergenerational ministry.  Whether you serve in a salaried, full-time, part-time, or volunteer capacity, this is an opportunity for you!  The best news?  These courses are free for partner congregations.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Register for one or more of the courses below.  You will then automatically receive confirmation of your registration.  The confirmation email will include access to handouts and a full length webinar (or subdivided video clips) for free!  Review the full length webinar (or the subdivided video clips) and handout at your leisure throughout the month prior.  Then join us at the specified date and time each month for a brief presentation, followed by an extended question and answer session and more.  Faith Is Made Whole In Community.  For additional questions, please contact:


Online Course Topics:

  • September:  Creating A Healthy Youth Ministry Culture – This course is designed to introduce participants to the basics of Creating a Healthy Youth Ministry Culture in Your Congregation. Made up of various video clips totaling 50 minutes, Gary shares the importance of creating the culture within your congregation.  To register:  Online Course – September.
  • October:  Outcome Based Ministry – Based off of the book What’s in Your Bag?, this course is designed to introduce participants to the concept of outcome-based ministry. Then to encourage them to identify Faith Skills they wish to build into young people and develop a plan for implementation. To register:  Online Course – October.
  • November:  FaithWebbing – Based off of the book Faith Webbing, this course is designed to introduce participants to the Faith Webbing concept.  To register: Online Course – November.
  • January: Safeguarding – Many states require that congregations have Best Practices Safeguarding Systems in place for working with young people. This course is designed to bring your congregation up to speed on the subject while offering some practical suggestions from gleaned from experts.   To register:  Online Course – January.
  • February: Models of Youth Ministry – The old youth group model of youth ministry continues to have validity. However, did you know there are additional models of youth ministry that work well in various venues? To register:  Online Course – February.
  • March: Developing Daily Disciplines – This online course will venture into helping youth to discover life’s purpose, a basic job description for each day, ways to stay connected with God through prayer and Bible Study formats.  To register:  Online Course – March.
  • April: Basic Training Topics – This online course will discuss ways to help youth to develop a plan for a ministry of service, gain an understanding of the Christian view of finances and to develop a discipline of fasting (not necessarily food).  To register: Online Course – April.

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