OutCome Based Youth Ministry

Outcome Based Youth Ministry is a long term strategic design for equipping children and youth with the necessary faith skills to live out their personal calling in life. It fulfills the biblical mandate of church leaders found in Ephesians 4:12-13 to equip its members to do the work of the church and build up the body of Christ. Long term youth directors Gary and Laurie Pecuch have developed a list of over 30 faith skills that they intentionally build into young people. The intention is to partner with parents to develop a personal ministry plan specifically designed for their child that spans the spectrum of ages from preschool through high school and beyond. This personal growth plan is a tool used to define the essential assets needed to love Jesus, gain self-awareness, serve others, and glorify God.

Gary and Laurie have tweaked their definition of youth ministry. They now believe that youth ministry is “Youth Doing Ministry,” and every time a young person is in their presence a faith skill should be introduced, encouraged and/or enhanced. They also take the story of David and Goliath and focus on the fact that God chose David, a young man with a specific skill that he had been practicing for much of his life, the stone and the sling. God worked through David by focusing on what David knew how to use. Thus, like David, we hope to fill the faith bags of teens with faith stones that they have been trained to use. They want youth to be able to confidently reach into their bags and pull out a needed Faith Stone. This preparation can be anything from stepping forward to say a table grace at mealtime to making good decisions based on their personal written standards to stepping up to facilitate a Bible study for a group of friends.

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